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Elections 2008: People like YOU have created a BNP-Lite Cymru | date: 2 May 2008
With nearly all election results in for County Councils in Wales, it is clear that the BNP has not been able to convince people across ... full article

Elections 2008: Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend and Torfaen remain BNP Free Zones | date: 2 May 2008

The BNP stood one nomination each in Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend and Torfaen.

3 Nominations

0 Elected

... full article

Elections 2008: Swansea remains a BNP Free Zone | date: 2 May 2008

4 candidates stand

0 Councillors elected

... full article

Elections 2008: Flintshire and Denbighshire County Councils remain BNP Free Zones | date: 2 May 2008
2 Candidates including BNP Treasurer John Walker stood in Flintshire without success. Just in, the BNP has also lost the Rhyl South West election in ... full article

Elections 2008: Wrexham County Council remains a BNP Free Zone | date: 2 May 2008

Wrexham County Council

7 BNP Candidates

0 BNP Councillors

... full article

The REAL face of the BNP in Wales | date: 28 Apr 2008
If a BNP candidate is standing in your ward in Wales, chances are you may have been sent a glossy BNP leaflet. Searchlight Cymru is interested ... full article

BNP do not deny misleading voters in Carmarthenshire | date: 25 Apr 2008

Call for BNP candidate to stand down

Apr 25 2008 by Matt Withers, Media Wales CAMPAIGNERS have challenged a British National Party candidate in next week's local ... full article

Unite Against Racism Gig announced , at Conti’s, Mill Lane, Cardiff. Saturday 26 April | date: 24 Apr 2008
Unite Against Racism Cardiff, who organised the Unity Festival in the city in 2007, are very pleased to work with Tantrum Promotions to get people ... full article

Searchlight Cymru 'Thank you for being a bright beam of sanity' | date: 23 Apr 2008
Hi, Just been spending an hour reading through this great site. Learnt lots that I didn't know the details of and I didn't know it ... full article

Searchlight calls for BNP candidate to back up ‘extraordinary’ claims, or resign | date: 22 Apr 2008
A campaigning organisation, dedicated to challenging racist and fascist bodies in Wales, has called on a Carmarthenshire candidate for county council elections to ... full article

Mark Isherwood AM: Searchlight Cymru wants to spread the message of: ‘Hope, not Hate.’ | date: 21 Apr 2008
Welsh Conservative AM for North Wales and Shadow Minister for Social Justice, Mark Isherwood has been a long standing campaigner against racism and fascism in ... full article

North Wales AMs 'Applaud' work of Searchlight Cymru | date: 21 Apr 2008
With local elections coming up on 1st May, the North Wales Group of Labour AMs have dismissed the BNP as racist and irrelevant. Recent reports have ... full article

Answers to common lies and myths published by the BNP in their leaflets | date: 14 Apr 2008
A BNP leaflet comes through the door. It makes wonderful promises to improve everyone's life in your neighbourhood, and wants only one thing in ... full article

Wrexham March and Rally - April 12th | date: 14 Apr 2008
Over two hundred anti-fascists supported the Wales TUC and Wrexham Trades Council march and rally through Wrexham on Saturday. Searchlight Cymru, as well as a ... full article

Joint Statement by Welsh Party Leaders - Electing for Equality (CEHR) | date: 10 Apr 2008
Electing for equality Local government in Wales, 1 May 2008 We, the undersigned party leaders commit our parties to work for a welcoming Wales ... full article

Searchlight Cymru Senedd Launch Photo's available now | date: 10 Apr 2008
The Senedd reception to launch on Tuesday April 8th was covered by our photographer Sid Frisby. If you would like to look at the ... full article

Investigation begins into how Carmarthenshire BNP candidate was nominated | date: 9 Apr 2008
In Carmarthenshire, an investigation has begun into how the BNP candidate Kevin Edwards was nominated to an unopposed win in a local Community Council seat. ... full article

BNP Candidate in North Wales says 'I was misled into standing' and vows to withdraw | date: 9 Apr 2008
Serious questions are now being asked of every BNP candidate in Wales after the Daily Post reported that a BNP candidate due to stand in ... full article

Its goodbye Gwynedd as BNP lose their Grip(t)on Marchog | date: 7 Apr 2008
This weekend the BNP announced that they had selected Linda Gripton from Maesgeirchen in the Gwynedd County Council elections. This was the BNP's ... full article

BNP stands 36 candidates in 56 seats in the Welsh Council elections 2008 | date: 6 Apr 2008
The full list of candidates that the BNP are standing in Wales has just been announced. As predicted by Searchlight Cymru, the BNP are ... full article

BNP Candidate ditched in London after comparing rape with eating a chocolate cake | date: 4 Apr 2008
The BNP faced a serious setback this week when it was forced to ditch its second-choice candidate for the London assembly, Nick Eriksen, was ... full article

South West Wales Article by Darron Dupre on BNP Candidates | date: 4 Apr 2008
In response to the announcement that the BNP is standing four candidates in Swansea and two candidates in Carmarthenshire at the Council elections in May, ... full article

Pat Pattison

Letter from former Welsh BNP supporter, Pat Pattison. 'The BNP IS racist...' | date: 25 Mar 2008
I went on your link 'The BNP's worst councillors' a few moments ago. I do wish people would get their facts straight before running other ... full article

Welsh Assembly

BNP activity in Ammanford | date: 21 Mar 2008
The BNP reports that the newly formed West Wales BNP has just formed following its meeting in Ammanford. Does anyone know the pub/bar/club? Picture Credit: ... full article

‘Welsh Assembly adopts BNP policy’ apparently !! | date: 20 Mar 2008
The Hard Right recently announced that the Welsh Assembly (sic) adopted a major policy from the BNP 2007 National Assembly Manifesto. Trivia Question 1: Which ... full article

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