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Who we are

Searchlight Cymru is a campaigning organisation dedicated to challenging racist and fascist bodies in Wales such as the BNP.

Because we are not affiliated to any political party, we have been able to draw together a wide coalition of supporters from across the political spectrum in Wales together with trade unions, the Wales TUC and other voluntary and statutory agencies.

We are funded entirely by membership dues and donations and our accounts are available for inspection to any reputable non-fascist applicants. More than 90 per cent of our income at present comes from trades cryptocurrency trading platform unions.

In classic fascist style, the BNP claims that Searchlight Cymru is a front for the far left and in particular for the Communist Party. This nonsense is disproved by the fact that, from its beginning as Wales Friends of Searchlight in 2002, Searchlight Cymru has won the confidence and support of all the mainstream political parties in Wales.

This is reflected in the line-up of Searchlight Cymru's honorary President and Vice-Presidents:

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas

Honorary President

LORD DAFYDD ELIS THOMAS AM, Presiding Officer of National Assembly for Wales and Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Dwyfor Meirionnydd.

Mike German

Honorary Vice President

MIKE GERMAN AM, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats in the National Assembly for Wales and Assembly Member for the South Wales East regional seat.

Mark Isherwood

Honorary Vice President

MARK ISHERWOOD AM, Welsh Conservative Party Assembly Member for the North Wales regional seat.

Huw Lewis

Honorary Vice President

HUW LEWIS AM, Labour Party Assembly Member for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney constituency.

Leanne Wood

Honorary Vice President

LEANNE WOOD AM, Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for the South Wales Central regional seat.

In addition to our Honorary President and Vice Presidents, Searchlight Cymru is run on a day to day basis by hard working volunteers. Our current secretary is Darron Dupre and the chair is Robert Griffiths.

What unites us all is our support for the aims of Searchlight Cymru:

  • To investigate, monitor and expose fascist organisation and activities in Wales.
  • To assist in mobilising the people of Wales against fascism and racism.
  • To utilise and project Searchlight magazine and Trade Union Friends of Searchlight.

What We Believe

Searchlight Cymru believes that everyone who lives and works in Wales should be able to do so with dignity, free from prejudice and discrimination. We are sure that the vast majority of people in Wales share this view.

Unfortunately, a small number of communities in Wales have been targeted by political groups who want to stir up hatred and violence on the basis of race, ethnicity and religion.

In particular, the British National Party has hoodwinked a number of people into thinking that it is the only party which understands their concerns about migration, jobs, housing, religion and what it is to be British. They have done this by spreading lies, rumours and myths in communities with particular social problems, hoping and waiting for the powder keg to explode.

Searchlight Cymru recognises that people across Wales are concerned about migration. But we also believe that those concerns should be addressed on the basis of facts not fiction, truth not lies, and in ways which bring people together for the good of the whole community - not tearing people apart to the benefit of cynical and dangerous extremists.

What We Do

The Searchlight Cymru executive, elected at the organisation's AGM, meets regularly together with invited members and guests. The proceedings are video-conferenced around Wales on demand. The officers of Searchlight Cymru also meet frequently to carry out administrative work.

A North Wales committee has also been established in order to widen participation in our affairs.

We work with a wide range of political, trade union, community and statutory bodies who broadly share our aims and values in the battle against fascism and racism. The Searchlight Cymru officers issue an e-mail bulletin to all who wish to subscribe, bringing them up to date with developments in Wales. Extensive contacts have been developed with the mass media in Wales and beyond.

We also work closely with Searchlight, an organisation which has campaigned to expose racism and fascism in Britain and abroad since it was founded in 1962. Searchlight magazine has appeared monthly since 1975 and is the first port of call for activists, journalists, politicians and academics. It exposes the illegal activities of fascist parties such as the BNP and keeps anti-fascists informed of the ideas, plans and activties of those who would destroy our freedoms should they ever be allowed to take political power in Britain.

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