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BNP - the truth


Formed in 1982 by John Tyndall, one of Britain's foremost post-war nazis, the BNP spent much of the 1980s in the shadow of the larger National Front. The NF was to split quite dramatically and, torn by internal conflict, left a space on the far right for the BNP to fill.

In 1985, one of its main activists, Tony Lecomber, was sent to prison for trying to blow up the offices of a rival organisation. He was also caught with hand-grenades. Despite his attempted terrorism, he went to become the number two in the BNP under Nick Griffin.

During the early 1990s much of BNP's activities were focused on East London, where, in 1993, it secured a council by-election victory in the Tower Hamlets ward of Millwall. The price to pay was a massive 300 per cent rise in racial attacks in the area in the three months after the election.

At about the same time, the BNP spawned the violent Combat 18 as its security force. C18 later emerged as a nazi terror group, responsible for a letter bomb campaign and a series of murders. C18 thugs, made up of football hooligans and nazi skinheads, protected BNP meetings and minded BNP leaders during party marches

In 1993, the BNP became increasingly embarrassed by Combat 18 violence (its leader was later gaoled for stabbing another leading C18 member to death). After its victory in Millwall, the BNP decided it no longer needed the street thugs and banned dual membership. However, most BNP members ignored this plea. In September 1995, four of the five London BNP branch organisers attended a C18 meeting.

The Millwall seat was lost eight months later. The BNP lost momentum, with younger members going over to C18. Tyndall reversed the slide by adopting a more hardline strategy, which included bringing veteran US nazi leader, William Pierce, to London. Pierce penned the evil tract, The Turner Diaries, which inspired the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and the London nailbomber David Copeland. Copeland learnt his politics in the BNP.

After Nick Griffin became leader in 1999, the BNP began to adopt a more respectable image. It campaigned on rural issues and, publicly at least, watered down some of its more racist policies. Even so, most of the key BNP personnel have remained the same. And it was only one year before Griffin became leader that he received a suspended prison sentence for inciting racial hatred.

In 2002, the BNP won three council seats in Burnley and averaged 28 per cent of the town-wide vote. In Oldham, the party came second in four of the five wards it contested and took an average 27 per cent. Across England, the BNP averaged 16 per cent in the council wards it contested, easily the best election results in its history. It is important to remember that it challenged less than 1 per cent of all seats up for election. But since then, they have added more council seats to reach 49 at present (April 2008).


The BNP are all things to all people. They are populists whose politics change like the wind. If the public is concerned with asylum, the BNP will exploit the issue. When Islamic fundamentalists commit terrorist attacks, suddenly all Muslims are to blame for the world's ills. No matter what problems exist in this country, someone else is always to blame.

Now the BNP wants to take power in council elections. But they know their nazi image has to go. The peoples of Britain fought for freedom against Hitler's Nazi Germany. No decent British citizens want homegrown extremists destroying the memory of those brave men and women who lost their lives to secure our future. This is why the BNP lie about who they are and what they stand for.

The BNP are cynics. They pretend that they are not racists. But make no mistake about it, all minority groups would be under threat if faced with a BNP victory. The BNP promise the world but can deliver nothing. They say that they love this country, but they wish to destroy its harmony and diversity. They say that they stand for the ordinary worker, but the BNP would abolish free trade unions given the chance. Indeed, BNP members have been prominent in establishing a fascist-style 'labour front' organisation, laughably known as Solidarity.

Extremism runs through the BNP. From leader Nick Griffin's Holocaust denial through to Tony Lecomber's proposed eugenics plan for a purer white race, the party has expounded outrageous and downright dangerous views. Recently Mark Collett, former leader of the young BNP, was shown by the Channel Four Despatches programme to be an out and out Nazi sympathiser: 'National Socialism was the best solution for the German people in the 1930s', he told the cameras. 'I honestly can't understand how a man who's seen the inner city hell of Britain today can't look back on that era [Hitler's Germany] with a certain nostalgia'. Collett remains a full-time party worker and one of Nick Griffin's chief lieutenants.

Hatred of Jews has always been the backbone of Nazi ideas. The BNP is no different. But anti-Semitism is not a vote winner. It reminds people of Hitler and the Holocaust. The BNP wishes to distance itself from the images of swastikas and concentration camps. Despite this, many of its hardcore leaders and activists still believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world.


Racism is at the very heart of the British National Party. It is this racism which separates it from any normal political party. And it is racism which attracts many of its members.

Of course, the BNP denies this. It knows how hateful its views appear, and has tried to make its language less crude. But the song remains the same. BNP publications are still filled with racist articles, lies and distorted statistics about immigration and asylum, in an attempt to portray black people as criminals and dole scroungers.

Today, the BNP has dropped its policy of compulsory repatriation - to forcibly deport all non-white people from Britain - and replaced it with a voluntary scheme. But make no mistake about it, this move is merely a cosmetic one to win votes. The party recognises that the vast majority of people found its previous policy abhorrent. But the small print of BNP policy makes clear its true aims. The BNP claims that a BNP-led government would consider forcible repatriation if not enough 'non-whites' took up its 'voluntary' offer.

While the BNP does not publicly support compulsory repatriation, it makes no attempt to hide its backing for an apartheid state in Britain. According to its constitution: 'The BNP stands for the preservation of the national and ethnic character of the British people and is wholly opposed to any form of racial integration between British and non-European peoples'. Only people who can prove a blood link to Britain before 1948 are defined as 'British', while 'non-European' is obviously code for 'non-white'.

According to the BNP 2001 general election manifesto, 'native Britons', who they claim can only be white, would be given priority in the job market. 'Non-whites' would instantly become second class citizens in Britain. Any black person who commits a crime would also be thrown out of the country, even those who were born here. Mixed race relationships would be outlawed.

Privately, the BNP leaders have continued to air their real political views. They have not always been so shy. 'All black people will be repatriated, even if they were born here', BNP leader Nick Griffin told Wales on Sunday in 1996. 'We must preserve the white race, because it has been responsible for all the good things in civilisation', he added, displaying his total ignorance of the cultural and scientific achievements of ancient civilisations from the Americas to the Middle East, to India and to China.

Nowadays, the BNP says they have no truck with 'race hate'. Another outrageous lie. The jokes, caricatures, cartoons and articles in BNP publications frequently depict black people as stupid, criminally minded and ugly. Time and again, they talk about the genetic superiority of the white race while at the same time acting and thinking like bigoted morons.

Nick Griffin the 'political soldier'

The British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, is a hardline fascist. Convicted for inciting race hate, he denies that the Holocaust ever took place and believes that Jews are conspiring against white British people.

Griffin is from a wealthy landowning family with a history of far right involvement. His father Edwin, a Conservative Party official in Halesworth, took him to his first National Front meeting when he was just 15. Griffin's sister stood as an NF candidate in a Suffolk county council election. His mother is the administration secretary of the BNP and was a candidate in the 2001 general election.

When Nick Griffin attended Cambridge University to study law, his involvement in extremist politics grew. By 1978, he was the national organiser of the NF.

In 1980, Griffin launched Nationalism Today with the help of Joe Pearce, a convicted racist and editor of Bulldog. Nationalism Today became the springboard for the 'Third Positionist' ideas that the NF later adopted. Through the magazine, Griffin and Pearce developed their idea that a 'third way' was needed to replace the evils of both capitalism and communism. They peddled the nonsense that both were Zionist controlled.

Based on the blood and soil philosophy of Julius Evola, an Italian National Socialist, Griffin and the Third Positionist wing of the NF wanted to create an elite of 'political soldiers'. In this they were also inspired by the Strasserites, the 'Brownshirt' wing of the German Nazi party whose 'anti-capitalism' was aimed at Jews (and whose leaders were wiped out by Hitler's SS in 1934 in the 'Night of the Long Knives').

Another strong influence on Griffin's political development was the Italian fascist Roberto Fiore, a convicted terrorist. Fiore had arrived in Britain with several other wanted terrorists implicated in the bombing at Bologna railway station in 1980, which killed 85 innocent people, including a young British couple. Fiore belonged to the Italian Third Positionist NAR.

Griffin and Fiore became close, with the Italian working for Griffin's tour company, Heritage Tours. Griffin's father remains Fiore's personal and business accountant.

Today, Griffin's BNP take every opportunity to whip up hatred against Muslims. But this has not always been the case. After his faction took control of the National Front, Griffin and other NF leaders took an all-expenses paid trip to Libya as guests of the Gaddafi regime, in a bid to obtain funding.

In 1989, he left the NF and formed the International Third Position, a fanatically Catholic fascist group. The ITP campaigned against Coca Cola, McDonalds, urbanisation and 'Zionism' (by which it meant Jews around the world, not just the state of Israel). His involvement did not last beyond a few years. In 1991, after a failed business venture, Griffin went his own way.

In 1995, he joined the BNP. He began to edit The Rune, an anti-Semitic quarterly, and then the party's journal Spearhead (the same name as that of John Tyndall's neo-Nazi paramilitary outfit in the early 1960s). He also announced that the BNP should prioritise denying the Holocaust to schoolchildren.

In 1998 he was found guilty of inciting race hatred at Harrow Crown Court for denying that the Holocaust ever took place, earning a two-year suspended prison sentence.

But then Griffin decided to adopt the cloak of 'respectability'. The label of Nazism tarnished the BNP's image. He wanted to copy the more intellectual far right parties in Europe and combine their ideas with more community-based politics.

In 1999, he organised a coup to replace Tyndall as leader of the BNP. Since then, he and his followers have worked hard to reorganise the BNP and to deny the party's fascist politics. But we would be foolish to forget Nick Griffin's long record as a Jew-hating racist.

Nick Griffin the fascist

Griffin stands full-square in the neo-Nazi tradition of anti-Semitism.

In 1996, he launched a vicious attack on the Holocaust denier David Irving for admitting that some people might have died in the Holocaust. 'True Revisionists will not be fooled by this new twist to the sorry tale of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century', Griffin wrote.

Defaming the memory of British forces who fought the Nazis, he added, 'Back in the 1960s the Jews quietly shifted the alleged sites of the mass gassings from the no longer believable German camps such as Dachau and Belsen to the sites in Communist Poland such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Now that the very idea of Zyklon-B extermination has been exposed as unscientific nonsense, they are once and again re-writing bogus history, playing down gas chambers and talking instead of "hundreds of hitherto unknown sites in the East where more than a million Jews were exterminated by shooting"'.

Griffin sees the Holocaust as a lie invented by Jews to make money: 'As your Hollywood friend is fond of remarking, (provided he is safely in select company) "there's no business like Shoah business"'.

When the former MP Alex Carlisle reported Griffin for inciting racial hatred and Holocaust denial, Griffin fumed: 'This bloody Jew, our local MP who organised the raid whose only claim to fame is that two of his parents died in the Holocaust'

Star witness at Harrow Crown Court on Griffin's behalf was Robert Faurisson, the infamous French Holocaust denier.

In another article (in the Carlisle Two Defence Fund Bulletin) he said, 'I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat I have reached the conclusion that the "extermination" tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter-day witch-hysteria'.

Griffin's 1997 pamphlet Who are the Mindbenders? claimed to prove that the minds of British people are brainwashed through Jewish control of the media: 'The mass media in Britain today have managed to implant into many people's minds the idea that it is "anti-Semitic" even to acknowledge that members of the Jewish community play a large part in controlling our news'.

Jews are accused of 'providing us with an endless diet of pro-multiracial, pro-homosexual, anti-British trash'. The publication included a list of all known Jews working in the media as though they are working together for a joint cause. He 'proves' Jewish control of the BBC by naming 19 people who work for the corporation, out of a workforce of thousands, including a Jewish car park attendant and Gaby Roslyn! It would be funny if it wasn't so vile.

Who are the Mindbenders? has a sinister history. It's in the squalid tradition of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the notorious 19th century Tsarist forgery which claims to record the proceedings of a meeting of Jews plotting to control the whole planet.

Mindbenders is based on Who Rules America? written by Dr William Pierce, who before his recent death was one of the world's foremost neo-Nazis and a close ally of Nick Griffin. Pierce authored the notorious Turner Diaries which inspired the Oklahoma bombing in 1995 which killed 186 people, and was the leader of the National Alliance, described by the US Anti-Defamation League as one of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in the world. Griffin's booklet is a carbon copy of Pierce's.

Griffin has also held staunchly homophobic views throughout his time at the BNP. Following the bombing of a gay pub in Soho, in which three people died, Griffin wrote, 'The TV footage of dozens of "gay" demonstrators flaunting their perversion in front of the world's journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive'.

Yet Griffin's hypocrisy was starkly highlighted when he was outed by Martin Webster, the former NF organiser, as having a secret gay past.

Griffin is a typical fascist - a man for all people. He is also a shameless liar and opportunist. There is not a bandwagon or campaign he would not exploit or a political belief that he would not jettison if he thought he could benefit from it.

International and Extremist Links

It is said that one can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. That is certainly true about the British National Party. A quick look at its international contacts reveals its true nature. Across the world, the BNP is linked to some of the most extreme and fanatical nazi, fascist, and racist groups around. They include:

  • The National Alliance, the foremost nazi group in the United States. NA speakers regularly address BNP meetings in the US, and in 1995 its founder and leader William Pierce spoke at the BNP annual rally in London. When Pierce died in the summer of 2002, the BNP posted an obituary on its website. Pierce wrote The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a 'race war' which inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and London nailbomber David Copeland.
  • David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux, who is very close to Nick Griffin and the BNP. Griffin has regularly shared platforms with Duke and the American's anti-Semitic and Holocaust denial material is sold through the BNP. Duke is currently living in Russia in a bid to avoid the US tax authorities.
  • The National Democratic Party, Germany's leading nazi group. NPD leaders deny the Holocaust took place and revere Adolf Hitler. The NPD shares many of its activists with the outlawed Blood and Honour skinhead movement. Griffin addressed a NPD rally in August 2002. NPD activists have attended BNP events in Britain.
  • The Front National, the French fascist group led by Jean-Marie Le Pen. Le Pen was convicted for dismissing the Holocaust as a mere 'detail' of the Second World War and for violence. In April 2004, Le Pen shared a platform in Manchester with Griffin to call for a BNP vote in the European elections.
  • Holocaust deniers. The BNP, and especially Nick Griffin, are close to many of the world's leading Holocaust deniers. Robert Faurisson, one of the foremost Holocaust deniers, was a star witness at Griffin's trial for racial hatred in 1998. The German Gunter Deckert, who has been to prison for denying the Holocaust, spoke at a London BNP meeting in 2001. The British Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, David Irving, has addressed BNP meetings. His attempts to downplay the Holocaust and deny Hitler's role in it were comprehensively demolished later in a British court, before the Austrian authorities gaoled him for Holocaust denial.
  • The American Renaissance. A far right US-based publication that supports the notion of the biological superiority of white people. Each edition is packed with the theories of race-science, and grim statistics showing the moral degeneracy of black people. Griffin spoke at their annual conference in February 2002 on 'Racial Friction in Britain and Europe'.
  • Blood and Honour, the openly nazi skinhead organisation in Britain. Many of its leaders are BNP members and Blood and Honour nazi bands have raised money for the BNP.

The attempts by the BNP to portray a more moderate image are often dropped when addressing events abroad. Speaking to a private nazi meeting in the US in 2001, Nick Griffin admitted that the party's new-found respectability was simply a tactic to con the British people. 'My politics have not changed', he told the audience of racists and nazis. 'I still believe in fighting for this', he added, pointing to his white skin.

Democracy and Elections

The British National Party claims to favour democracy. Another lie. Over the years, a number of BNP leaders have given us an insight into their idea of it.

John Tyndall, who founded the BNP, once said 'with the numbers of murderous asocials and perverts on the increase, as a result of our sick society, there will be an unanswerable case when the day for the great clean-up comes, to implement the final solution against these sub-human elements by means of the gas chambers' (Spearhead 1965).

In 1976, Tyndall told the East London Advertiser, 'When we get to power our opponents will be swept away like flies'. His successor, Nick Griffin, told Wales on Sunday in 1997: 'The politicians, those in charge of the mass media, police chiefs and others responsible for creating this multi-racial hell hole must face trial and pay the ultimate penalty'.

Griffin's contempt for the political process was evident when he told supporters, referring to the election of the BNP's first councillor: 'The electors of Millwall did not back a post-modernist Rightist Party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan "Defend Rights for Whites" with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate'.

In the same 1996 article in The Rune, he added: 'It is more important to control the streets of a city than its council chamber. If that is the sort of "unreasonable" attitude that journalists and opponents try to use against us at election times, it shouldn't bother us'.

The BNP's scorn for democracy is also clear through its disregard for election rules.

In the June 1999 elections, the BNP lied and cheated its way to a five-minute party political broadcast and the free delivery of 15 million leaflets by the Royal Mail. As many as 15 BNP candidates, out of a total of 79, gave false addresses on their nomination forms.

In 2000, 50 MPs signed an Early Day Motion in Parliament that: 'This house deplores the unlawful action of the racist and fascist British National Party in once again breaching the Representation of the People Act'. One BNP candidate, Paul Henderson, stood under a false name. In Scotland, where the BNP fielded eight candidates, seven were not living at the addresses given on their nomination forms. BNP member John Haycock was elected unopposed to a parish council in Bromyard. He was sacked from the council nine months later for non-attendance. Colin Smith, a key member of the BNP gave an address in Beckton, despite actually living in Bexleyheath. In May 1998, Smith had stood in two local council elections simultaneously, using separate addresses to meet the residence requirement in each case.

In a council by-election in Three Rivers, Hertfordshire in November 2000, several people who signed the form nominating BNP member Ian Edwards later complained that they were unaware of what they were signing. This included an 80-year-old Labour Party member.

In May 2001, six BNP council candidates in Burnley were excluded after it was discovered that several of the people who were supposed to have signed the nomination papers denied doing so. In May 2002 one of its candidates in Sunderland stood for election despite having a recent conviction for fraud which disbarred him from standing.

The BNP use dirty tricks. In November 2002 they secured their fourth councillor when Robin Evans won Mill Hill ward in Blackburn. Their campaign was based on deception and lies. In one leaflet a picture of a mosque was printed with a caption stating that Muslims there celebrated the September 11th attacks. It neglected to tell voters that this mosque was in London. Another ludicrous claim - that Asians were likely to become the majority in Blackburn within 10 years - was aimed at stoking up fear based on misinformation. In fact, the non-white share of the town's population stands at 20 per cent.

The BNP even produced a leaflet purporting to come from the Liberal Democrats. Under the title 'Caring for Ethnic Minorities', it urged people to vote Lib Dem if they wanted more money spent on Asians and asylum seekers. A similar dirty tricks campaign was used in the Mixenden by-election in Halifax.

Even when the BNP do manage to take a seat on the council, their disrespect for the political process is obvious (see The BNP's useless councillors). Many of their councillors fail to attend or speak at crucial meetings, some have been banned for fraud or misbehaviour, others have resigned in disgust or confusion. But this sorry record should come as no surprise. Democracy would, after all, be swept away if the BNP ever gained power.


Who says today's politicians lack convictions? The British National Party is brimming with them - all of a criminal nature. 'The BNP will crack down on crime and restore public safety and confidence', its website states. But despite claiming to be a party of law and order, the BNP is home to criminals, racist thugs and football hooligans. The ranks of the criminals extend to the very highest level of the party. They include:

  • BNP leader Nick Griffin received a two-year suspended sentence in April 1998 for inciting racial hatred. His magazine The Rune carried obscene anti-Semitic and Holocaust denial material as well as crude racism.
  • Former BNP deputy leader Tony Lecomber was convicted in 1985 on five counts under the Explosives Act, including possession of homemade hand-grenades and electronic timing devices. and sentenced to three-years imprisonment. In 1991, he received another three years for unlawfully wounding a Jewish schoolteacher who had tried to peel off a BNP sticker at a London Underground station. He has a total of 12 convictions.
  • BNP South East London organiser Colin Smith has amassed a total of 17 convictions for burglary, theft, stealing cars, possession of drugs and assaulting a police officer.
  • The BNP's late founder John Tyndall collected six criminal convictions. In 1962 he was jailed for organising a paramilitary organisation. Four years later, he was again sent to prison for possession of a loaded gun. In 1986, he was convicted for incitement to racial hatred under the Public Order Act and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
  • BNP chief steward Warren Bennett is supposed to keep order in the party - yet he has convictions for football hooliganism. In 1998, he was deported from France with over 50 other Scottish hooligans, including several BNP members.
  • Former BNP council candidate Robert Cottage, praised by Griffin, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court in 2007 for possession of explosives and bomb-making manuals. 'The BNP changed him', said his wife. A senior police officer publicly criticised the BNP for refusing to help them investigate Cottage and another suspected terrorist and BNP member.
  • BNP councillors David Enderby (Redditch) and Brian Turner (Burnley) - also a convicted soccer hooligan - and regular council candidate John Powell (Leeds) have all been convicted for violent attacks on their spouses.
  • Enderby's election agent in May 2006, Kevin Hughes, was gaoled later that month for a vicious, unprovoked assault on an Iraqi asylum seeker.
  • Lincoln BNP activist Stephen Bailey was convicted in March 2006 on 35 charges of criminal damage and 19 of arson.
  • John Laidlaw boasted about being a BNP member after one of his many arrests and convictions for racist attacks, armed street muggings and weapons offences. He is currently serving life imprisonment for shooting two people in north London as part of his self-confessed mission to 'kill all black people'.
  • Active BNP member Terry Collins was sentenced in March 2005 to five years in prison for a year-long campaign of terror against Asian families in Eastbourne. He claimed the BNP had 'brainwashed' him. Collins admitted arson, racially aggravated harassment, criminal damage and the possession of bullets found in his home. In July 2006, BNP supporter Allen Boyce received a two-year suspended sentence for providing Collins with bomb-making instructions.
  • BNP activist Mark Bulman was gaoled for five years in January 2008 for trying to set fire to Swindon's Broad Street mosque.
  • East Midlands BNP organiser Steve Belshaw was convicted in 1994 for assaulting a lawyer in his home-town of Mansfield. At the time, Belshaw combined his BNP membership with Combat 18 activity.
  • North East regional organiser Kevin Scott was convicted in 1993 after hurling a glass at a black customer in a pub.
  • Waltham Forest organiser Alan Gould was found guilty in 2000 of racially abusing people in a local pub. He told the court that it was the drink getting the better of him.
  • Oldham BNP activist during the 2002 elections, Robert Bennett had served five years in prison for gang rape and seven years for armed robbery. He has over 30 convictions in total.
  • Oldham BNP organiser Mick Treacy has five convictions for violence, theft, and handling stolen goods.
  • Oldham football hooligan and BNP member Darren Dobson was found guilty of racially aggravated assault in November 2001 and fined 300.
  • Former BNP national organiser Richard Edmonds was convicted for his part in a vicious bottle attack on a mixed race couple in a pub in East London 1993.
  • BNP supporter Stuart Kerr was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for firebombing an Asian shop in Chichester, Sussex
  • Former BNP 'security team' member David Copeland was sentenced to six life sentences after planting bombs in London, killing three people and injuring 139 others in 1999. He wanted to start a race war.

On other occasions, the BNP has glorified racist attacks. In 1991, after several BNP supporters stabbed an African immigrant at London Bridge station, the BNP newspaper gloated that the victim had had his 'kidney surgically removed'.

Although the BNP presents itself as being 'tough' on hard drugs and child pornography, it has had its share of drug dealers and pedophiles. For example, BNP council candidate Karl Hansen (Huddersfield) was arrested on the eve of the May 2005 elections and then convicted for possessing heroin and crack cocaine. Former BNP candidate Roderick Rowley (Coventry) was convicted and gaoled on child pornography charges six months later.

When pressed by the BBC Panorama team in September 2001 on the convictions of leading BNP members, party leader Nick Griffin just lied. Among his false claims was that Tony Lecomber, then his deputy, merely had a conviction for handling fireworks!

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